North Dakota Alliance for Renewable Energy


Mission Statement:

NDARE is a diverse member organization that fosters the development and use of home-grown renewable energy and energy efficiency through education, outreach and public policy advocacy.


  • Secure and expand state investment for renewable energy and energy efficiency. Educate and influence policy makers and stakeholders on the purpose of the Resources Trust Fund and ensure that it is implemented according to the wishes of the people.
  • Enhance the production, availability, distribution and use of biofuels in North Dakota.
  • Achieve significant increases in energy efficiency in North Dakota.
  • Protect the wind rights and other interests of landowners and the commercial rights of project developers and owners.
  • Foster awareness, development and support for new or emerging renewable energy opportunities in North Dakota, such as solar and geothermal.
  • Maximize retention of wealth created in communities by and through renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
  • Identify the economic and environmental value of energy efficiency and renewable energy by sector in North Dakota and tell the story.
  • Promote the benefits of strong building code standards.
  • Encourage the state of ND to comply with international building code standards with specific compliance goals for all new construction by 2017.
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